Term 2 2016 – Information Bulletin

Start of Term 2 – Mon 11 April

2016 term dates
Term 2      Mon 11 Apr – Sat 25 June
Term 3      Mon 11 Jul  – Sat 17 Sept
Term 4      Mon 3 Oct – Sat 17 Dec

Welcome back to our returning students and welcome to our new families.

Thank you to everyone for spreading the good word about us, this term we are welcoming many new families into our classes due to word of mouth. 

Why Life Saving Victoria’s Swim and Survive Program?

Swim and Survive is a comprehensive swimming and water safety initiative of Royal Life Saving that seeks to increase the swimming and water safety skills of all Australian children in order to prevent drowning and increase participation in safe aquatic activity.

Learn to swim, swimming lessons and infant aquatics are all terms commonly used across the aquatic industry for programs that seek to build swimming skills. Swim and Survive is all of these, but most importantly it ensures that the essential components of personal survival and water safety are provided, in addition to a process of developing strong and effective swimming technique.

Skills and knowledge learnt in the Swim and Survive program provide a level of protection and aim to provide children with solid foundation skills in swimming, survival and basic rescue skills.

Swim And Survive All Year Round

The importance of continuing swimming and water safety lessons during the colder months?

Despite the many myths associated with swimming lessons in winter, it is a great way to stay active and healthy during the colder months. Given that exercise contributes to a stronger immune system, children are less likely to catch a cold and more likely to stay confident and remember those vital survival skills.

Many people may think that summer is when most drowning deaths occur but during 2014/2015 almost a third (31%) of  incidents occurred in Winter.

To view further information, please download via:

LSV Drowning Report 2014/2015

Royal Life Saving Summer Drowning Toll – Key Findings

59 people have drowned in Australian waterways between 1 December 2015 and 18 January 2016 (inclusive). This year’s data shows a 16% increase on the same period last year.

Last Summer, across the same period, there were 51 drowning deaths between 1 December 2014 to 19 January 2015 (inclusive).

10 drowning deaths in 2015/16 have occurred on public holidays.

There have been a further 66 non-fatal drownings nationally across the same period.

Summer Fatal Drowning Toll 2015/16 – Top 3 Age Groups
25-34 years – 10 drowning deaths (17%)
35-44 years – 9 drowning deaths (15%)
45-54 years – 8 drowning deaths (14%)

Summer Fatal Drowning Toll 2015/16 – Top 3 Activities Prior to Drowning
Swimming and Recreating – 17 drowning deaths (29%)
Watercraft Incidents – 12 drowning deaths (20%)
Falls into water – 6 drowning deaths (10%)

Please take care as we all enjoy the beaches, rivers and swimming pools.

Our Team

We welcome Tash and Zoe to the team in Term 2 and farewell Matt and Gen. We thank them both for their enthusiasm, dedication and commitment and wish them every success in their futures. Matt is off to Mauritius to complete a postgraduate study in the Endangered Species Recovery and Gen is full time completing her Environmental Honours studies. Sarah has also had to change her days to care for her mother.

Monday Emma
Monday evening Katie, Mikki & Ash
Tuesday Mikki
Tuesday evening Mikki & Tash
Wednesday Katie
Wednesday evening Katie & Ash
Thursday Sarah
Thursday evening Sarah, Zoe & Emma
Friday Emma
Friday evening Lauren, Nick
Saturday Caitlin, Tash, Zoe & Lauren

Swim School Policies

We have formalised our policies in a brochure. These are available from the desk or online from the website. There are no changes in policy, we are just updating our documentation.

Fee Payments

At the start of term before your child goes into class you will need to pay their fees. Either by direct debit three days prior to your first class or by cash/cheque at the pool on the day of their first lesson of the term.

If your direct debit is within three days of your first class, please bring a copy of your receipt.

Unfortunately your child will not be able to swim unless payment is made or an arrangement is made with us prior to the start of term.

Please see Kylie to discuss any concerns you may have.

Term 2 has two holidays: Monday 24 April Anzac Day and Monday 13 June Queens Birthday. This means Monday Swimmers have a 9 week term and everyone else have a 11 week term.

Water Familiarisation Classes

Tuesday 9.30am – 10.00am & 6.00pm – 6.30pm,
Wednesday/Thursday 9.30am-10.00am
Saturday 9am – 9.30am, 9.30am – 10am & 11.30am – 12noon.

There are no discounts for Water Familiarisation as this is already discounted.

Swimming Squad Classes

Tues 5.00pm – 6.00pm & Wed 5.30pm-6.30pm

There are no discounts for squad classes as these are already discounted.

Missed Classes

Missed classes are not to be deducted from the fees unless relating to serious injury/illness and must be discussed with Kylie first – catch up lessons are available for any missed class for any reason where class sizes permit. As I’m sure you understand we have to pay teachers each and every week once term classes are set.

Term 2 2016 – Class Payment Calculation

Mon @ 9 weeks Tues, to Sat @ 11 weeks
1 child @ $17.50 $157.50 $192.50
2 Children with 2nd child discount $297 $363
3 Children with 2nd & 3rd Child discounts $418.5 $511.50
Water Familiarisation n/a $154
Swimming Squad n/a $192.50

Direct Debit details:
Account name: Swim Like A Fish
BSB 633-000
Account no. 140351032.

If you have any queries please phone us on 0433 446 403 if you don’t catch us at the pool.

Many thanks,