Term 3 – 2015 Information Bulletin

Start of Term 3: Monday 13 July 2015

Term 2: Mon 13 Apr – Sat 27 June
School Holiday Program: Mon 6 July – Fri 10 July

Term 3:  Mon 13 Jul – Sat 19 Sept
School Holiday Program: Mon 28 Sept – Fri 2 Oct

Term 4: Mon 5 Oct – Sat 19 Dec

Welcome back to our returning students and welcome to our new families. I hope everyone had a great break over the holidays.
Thank you to everyone for spreading the good word about us, this term we are welcoming many new families into our classes due to word of mouth.


A couple of years ago we became part of Swim Australia’s SwimSAFER program. Across all the program, the one central idea is that nothing we do can make children “safe”, but all the things we do in combination can go a long way to reducing a child’s risk around the water.

This includes things children themselves become aware of and do.

Swim SAFER Week in Term 3 is from Monday 27 July – Saturday 1 August.

We encourage all children to practice all of the SwimSAFER week’s activities, both with and without their goggles on. Although this can be uncomfortable – in reality they would rarely have goggles on in an accidental fall in. During Swim SAFER Week we will swim in clothes for each lesson apart from water familiarisation.


Four levels of safety measures that must be applied together and at all times in and around any aquatic environment.

Be Aware – Don’t let kids out of your sight
Be Secure – Keep fences and gates locked up tight
Be Confident – Learn to Swim, and how to get to safety
Be Prepared – Always have a plan in case of emergency

In any aquatic environment or any activity where a body of water is involved, be it a pool, beach, river, hose or even a bucket the number one rule for SAFETY is supervision and awareness.

If you have a home pool please check and make sure that the fences and gates are still SECURE.


  • Bath depths in holiday rentals
  • Toys in the pool
  • Rain fills
  • Beach safety
  • River and Lake Safety
  • Lifeguards

If we all take a moment and think about these suggestions we can reduce the number of drowning and submersion based injuries in Australia. The water is there for our enjoyment but must be treated with respect and basic common sense.

Remember just because your child has had swimming lessons and can swim does not mean that they are SAFE in the water, they are SAFER, NEVER SAFE.

Our Team

For the school holidays and first two weeks of term Jill will be managing the business while I am on leave. Jill will be able to help you with any queries you may have including re-enrolment. I will be back at the pool from Tuesday 28 July.

Please be aware a change in university workloads for many of our teachers has meant some changes to rosters.

Monday Katie
Monday Evening Ash, Lauren & Mikki
Monday Lifeguard Nick
Tuesday Sarah
Tuesday Evening Mikki & Matt
Wednesday Sarah
Wednesday Evening Katie & Ash
Thursday Sarah
Thursday Evening Mikki & Matt
Friday Emma
Friday Evening Gen & Nick
Friday Lifeguard Nick
Saturday Ash, Emma, Lauren & Katie

We will be running a number of shadowing lessons as part of our teacher’s professional development. You may therefore have two teachers in some lessons as we each watch and learn plus provide feedback to each other.
This is part of our continuing commitment to ensuring we have quality and consistency in our teaching and that all lessons continue to be tailored to meet the needs of your child.

School Holiday

Intensive Swim Program
Mon 6 July – Fri 10 July 2015
We are running a program in week 2 of the school holidays – from Monday 6 July to Friday 10 July.
The classes run for one hour each day and cost $110.00 per child.
There is still a maximum of 4 in each class. If you are interested please complete the signup sheet on the table inside the door at the pool or speak to Kylie to book in.

Fee Payments
At the start of term before your child goes into class you will need to pay their fees. Either by direct debit three days prior to your first class or by cash/cheque at the pool on the day of their first lesson of the term.
If your direct debit is within three days of your first class, please bring a copy of your receipt.
Unfortunately your child will not be able to swim unless payment is made or an arrangement is made with us prior to the start of term.
Please see Kylie to discuss any concerns you may have.

Sibling Discount

Second and third child discounts apply where you have 2 or more children in classes (not water familiarisation or squad as they are already discounted).

They are calculated at $17.50(1st Child), $15.50(2nd Child) and $13.50(3rd Child) per class pro-rata of how many weeks there are in the term, taking into account any public holidays that occur. (It’s $13.50 per class for each child beyond 3)

Term 3 2015 – Class Payment Calculation

Everyone has a 10 week term as there are no public holidays.

Mon – Sat @ 10 weeks
1 child @ $17.50 $175.00
2 Children with 2nd child discount $330.00
3 Children with 2nd & 3rd Child discounts $465.00
Water Familiarisation $140.00
Swimming Squad n/a

Water Familiarisation Classes

Tuesday: 9.30am – 10.00am & 6.00pm – 6.30pm
Wednesday: 9.30am-10.00am
Thursday: 9.30am-10.00am
Saturday: 9.00am – 9.30am, 9.30am – 10.00am & 11.30am – 12.00noon.

Where the Parents are in the Water with their children. New Water Familiarisation starters commencing after the first week can work out payments pro rata of $14.00 per class. There are no discounts for Water Familiarisation as this is already discounted.

Swimming Squad Classes

Tuesday: 5.00pm – 6.00pm
Wednesday: 5.30pm-6.30pm
The full term fees are $192.50

There are no discounts for squad classes as these are already discounted.

Missed Classes

Missed classes are not to be deducted from the fees unless relating to serious injury/illness and must be discussed with Kylie first – catch up lessons are available for any missed class for any reason where class sizes permit. As I’m sure you understand we have to pay teachers each and every week once term classes are set.

Direct Debit details

Account name: Swim Like A Fish
BSB: 633-000
Account no: 140351032.

In working to reduce our carbon footprint, unless requested, receipts will be emailed for cash and cheque payments only from the Wednesday the week after you have paid.

If you have any queries please phone us on M: 0433 446 403 if you don’t catch us at the pool.

Many thanks, Kylie