Term 3 Information Bulletin

2017 term dates
Mon 10 Jul – Fri 14 Jul

Term 3:
Mon 17 Jul – Sat 23 Sept
Mon 2 Oct – Fri 6 Oct

Term 4:
Mon 9 Oct – Sat 23 Dec

Welcome back to our returning students and welcome to our new families.

I hope everyone had a great break over the holidays.

From ASSA’s Swimming Family Newsletter Issue 2 June 2017 Ripples

While the country melted in our baking spring/summer heat, aquatic spaces turned to packed wonderlands across the country, in an attempt for many Aussies to escape the sunny onslaught. But unlike other seasons, this one came at a cost to so many more families … In the six weeks between December 1 to January 15, there were reportedly 57 drowning fatalities in Australia — 78 per cent of the victims aged under four; that’s twice the usual number.

Nearly every day it seemed the news bulletins included a drowning tragedy. On social media, toddler videos scaling pool fences became a regular viral thread, and countless reports of other aquatic accidents where medical care was sought, was just horrifying.

As ASSA CEO, it’s evident more than ever, Australians understand the importance of regular swimming lessons; and we applaud that active response. However sadly, we feel some parents may rely on swim skills alone when it comes to water safety.

While it’s a vital LAYER of Protection, it’s only one layer. Constant adult supervision, having secure fences and gates, and an emergency plan in place – in addition to swimming lessons – will all help in creating a safer swimming environment. However, while the peak swimming season is now over, there are many weeks ahead of swimming opportunities, which ill-managed, could further impact the safety of your family.

ASSA urge adults to: remain alert and attentive  to any swimming children – DO NOT be distracted by smartphones or tablets; continually check the integrity of pool fences and gates, and; ensure furniture near pool barriers, are removed.
Another safety priority is the continuation of year-round swimming lessons. ASSA congratulates parents for making this invaluable commitment; an investment towards a lifetime of safer aquatic activity and enjoyment.

SAFER steps for SAFER swimmers

You may have seen them, but do you know them – do you follow them?

They’re called the SAFER ‘Layers of Protection’; they’re ASSA’s top-line effective water safety checklist, which we insist should be applied when children are in and around all aquatic environments, to help reduce the risk of drowning tragedies.

SAFER – it’s our acronym, and it’s also our aim … while accidents can and do happen, by ensuring you apply the LAYERS, you’re helping to reduce the risk.
Remember the acronym, remember the Layers and help build a SAFER nation of swimmers.

It might be winter, and you might be rugged up … but facts are, it’s warmer in the water than out of it!!

And good news, ASSA member Swim Schools are located around the country, heating learn-to-swim pools to a nice, warm, and comfortable temperature!

But sadly, winter swimming is often less popular.
However, for those passionate parents, keen to keep the kids kicking during this period, there are some big benefits:

1. Not only will your child be safer in and around water through your persistence, but the consistency will strengthen their skills, ability and confidence; and

2. Every swimming lesson dollar you spend, has even greater value! Why? In some places, due to the cooler season drop-off …
– Attending kids may be offered more personalised time with their teacher;
– As a result, children may progress more quickly due to the  increased teacher attention; and
– Winter swimming kids will most likely maintain their touch of the water, preparing them for spring and summer.

Rain, hail, sleet, snow or just a chilly day – now there’s never a reason to skip a swimming session this Winter!

Ross Gage – CEO Australian Swim Schools Association (ASSA)

Our Team

Please be aware a change in university workloads for many of our teachers has meant some changes to rosters.

Monday                  Emma
Monday evening    Mikki & Ash
Tuesday                 Sarah
Tuesday evening   Lauren & Mikki
Wednesday           Sarah
Wednesday evening Kaitlin & Ash
Thursday               Sarah
Thursday evening  Matt, Lauren & Emma
Friday                     Emma
Friday evening       Lauren & Mikki
Saturday  Caitlin,   Mikki, Lauren & Kaitlin

We will be running a number of shadowing lessons as part of our teacher’s professional development. You may therefore have two teachers in some lessons as we each watch and learn plus provide feedback to each other.

This is part of our continuing commitment to ensuring we have quality and consistency in our teaching and that all lessons continue to be tailored to meet the needs of your child.
We are confident that your child will enjoy all the programs and have continued success. Please speak to me if you have further questions.

Swim School Policies
Just a reminder all our policies are now online or   you can pick up a brochure at the pool.


Fee Payments

Our fees have risen 50cents per lesson to allow for increasing utilities costs.

At the start of term before your child goes into class you will need to pay their fees. Either by direct debit three days prior to your first class or by cash/cheque at the pool on the day of their first lesson of the term.
If your direct debit is within three days of your first class, please bring a copy of your receipt.
Unfortunately your child will not be able to swim unless payment is made or an arrangement is made with us prior to the start of term.
Please see Kylie to discuss any concerns you may have.

Direct Debit details –
Account name: Swim Like A Fish
BSB 633-000
Account no. 140351032.

Sibling Discount
Second and third child discounts apply where you have 2 or more children in classes (not water familiarisation or squad as they are already discounted).
They are calculated at $18.50(1st Child), $16.50(2nd Child) and $14.50(3rd Child) per class pro-rata of how many weeks there are in the term, taking into account any public holidays that occur. ($14.50 per class for each child beyond 3)

Water Familiarisation Classes
Tuesday 9.30am – 10.00am &
6.00pm – 6.30pm,
Wednesday 9.30am-10.00am
Thursday 9.30am-10.00am
Saturday 9.00am – 9.30am, 9.30am – 10.00am & 1.00pm-1.30pm

Where the Parents are in the Water with their children.
New Water Familiarisation starters commencing after the first week work out payments pro rata of $15.00 per class. There are no discounts for Water Familiarisation as this is already discounted.

Swimming Squad Classes
Wednesday 5.30pm-6.30pm
Term 3 fees are $185
There are no discounts for squad classes as these are already discounted.


Term 3  2017 – Class Payment Calculation
Mon – Sat @ 10 weeks
1 child @ $18.50    $185
2 Children with 2nd child discount  $350
3 Children with 2nd & 3rd Child discounts $495
Water Familiarisation     $150
Swimming Squad     $185
Term 3 is a standard 10 week term.

Missed Classes
Missed classes are not to be deducted from the fees. Make up lessons are available for any missed class for any reason where class sizes permit. As I’m sure you understand we have to pay teachers each and every week once term classes are set.

If you have any queries please phone us on M: 0433 446 403 if you don’t catch us at the pool.
Many thanks, Kylie