Term 4 Information Bulletin

2017 Term Dates

SHP      Mon 2 Oct – Fri 6 Oct
Term 4: Mon 9 Oct – Sat 23 Dec

2018 Term Dates

SHP      TBC
Term 1: Mon 30 Jan – Thurs 29 Mar
SHP      Mon 9 April – Fri 13 April
Term 2: Mon 16 April – Sat 30 Jun
SHP      Mon 9 Jul – Fri 13 Jul
Term 3: Mon 16 July – Sat 22 Sept
SHP      Mon 1 Oct – Fri 5 Oct

Welcome back to our returning students and welcome to our new families.

Thank you to everyone for spreading the good word about us, this term we are welcoming many new families into our classes due to word of mouth.

From ASSA’s Swimming Family Newsletter Ripples – Issue 3 Sept 2017

Swim Study Shows Benefits

Thanks to the ‘Early Years Swimming Study’, we in Australia have officially known for several years, learning to swim from a young age and regularly, can help kids not only become safer and stronger, but smarter; the study found swimming can help children to develop physical, cognitive and social skills faster than those who do not have lessons.
However, now a report funded by Swim England, has revealed the unique benefits of water making it the perfect place for people of all ages to exercise – particularly those with long term health conditions; regular swimming also helps older people stay mentally and physically fit.
It’s also claimed, swimmers live longer – I’ll say that again – swimmers live longer; I might have to ramp up the laps!! It added that swimming can lower the risk of early death by 28 per cent, and lower the risk of death due to heart disease and stroke by 41 per cent.

One of the greatest elements of this study is that it shows, from grassroots to green pastures, swimming is the sport and hobby for all of us!
But more importantly, learning to swim from a young age can not only help children develop more quickly than those who aren’t exposed to swimming, but can make them safer in and around water; and who doesn’t want to reduce drowning deaths across the world?!
To read more look on the link: https://blogs.bmj.com/ bjsm/2017/06/23/major-new-study-health-benefits-swimming-released/

Ross Gage – CEO
Australian Swim Schools Association (ASSA)

What are the Benefits of learning to Swim Several Strokes

• When you swim several strokes you use more muscles and your body gets a better workout.
• The risk of a swimming injury is decreased because you don’t always stress the body with the same movements and the musculature is more balanced.
• Your swimming fun is increased because your lessons are more varied when you can choose among strokes.
• The skills that you learn in one stroke can often be transferred to another swim stroke. For example, the balance skills that you learn for the freestyle are also needed in backstroke. Or the body undulation that you need for the butterfly stroke is also an asset while swimming breaststroke.
• Knowing several types of swimming strokes can also be a big advantage for those in triathlons. Obviously, if you know freestyle you will swim faster and tire less than if you only swim breaststroke during the event. Switching to breaststroke in turn can be interesting when you need orient yourself, as you have better visibility than when you are swimming front crawl. And if you know backstroke, you can roll on your back when you are tired and take a few strokes in that position to recover.

How Can Swimming Help With Maths?

By Professor Robyn Jorgensen
Head of Education – Equity and Pedagogy
University of Canberra.
Swimming teachers use a lot of mathematical language in their teaching. There is a lot of spatial language – about shapes, colours, positions – that helps young children learn many maths ideas.

In the Early Years swim project, I observed teachers using a very rich language of mathematics as they taught their lessons. Children were told to get various shapes or colours from under the water, as well sort objects.
While this seems like a simple idea, the language is really important as it primes students for the mathematics they will experience when they come to school. So, teachers talking about shapes and colours in particular help children to learn many of the pre-number ideas well ahead of their entry to school.

Our Team

We farewell Ash as a weekly teacher at the end of this term, her enthusiasm, dedication and commitment has been greatly appreciated by staff and students and we wish her every success in the future. She will be around to fill in every now and then.

Monday Emma
Monday evening Matt & Mikki
Tuesday Sarah
Tuesday evening Lauren & Mikki
Wednesday Sarah
Wednesday evening Kaitlin & Lauren
Thursday Sarah
Thursday evening Lauren & Emma
Friday Emma
Friday evening Lauren & Mikki
Saturday Caitlin, Lauren & Kaitlin

Swim School Policies

Just a reminder all our policies are now online or you can pick up a brochure at the pool.

Fee Payments

At the start of term before your child goes into class you will need to pay their fees. Either by direct debit three days prior to your first class or by cash/cheque at the pool on the day of their first lesson of the term.
If your direct debit is within three days of your first class, please bring a copy of your receipt.
Unfortunately your child will not be able to swim unless payment is made or an arrangement is made with us prior to the start of term.

Direct Debit details –
Account name: Swim Like A Fish
BSB 633-000
Account no. 140351032.

Please see Kylie to discuss any concerns you may have.

Water Familiarisation Classes

Tuesday 9.30am – 10.00am &
6.00pm – 6.30pm,
Wednesday 9.30am-10.00am
Thursday 9.30am-10.00am
Saturday 9.00am – 9.30am & 9.30am – 10.00am

Where the Parents are in the Water with their children.
New Water Familiarisation starters commencing after the first week work out payments pro rata of $15.00 per class. There are no discounts for Water Familiarisation as this is already discounted.

Swimming Squad Classes

Wednesday 5.00pm-6.00pm
Term 4 fees are $203.50
There are no discounts for squad classes as these are already discounted.

Missed Classes

Missed classes are not to be deducted from the fees unless relating to serious injury/illness and must be discussed with Kylie first – catch up lessons are available for any missed class for any reason where class sizes permit. As I’m sure you understand we have to pay teachers each
and every week once term classes are set.

Term 4 2017 – Class Payment Calculation

Tues @ 10 weeks              Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat @ 11 weeks
1 child @ $18.50                               $185                         $203.50
2 Children with 2nd child discount    $350                         $385
3 Children with 2nd & 3rd Child        $495                         $544.50
Water Familiarisation                        $150                         $165
Swimming Squad                              $185                        $203.50

If you have any queries please phone us on
M: 0433 446 403 if you don’t catch us at the pool.
Many thanks,